Get Cheap TV Service For Your Home or Apartment

Cheap TV service is no longer hard to find. When giants such as Comcast, Time Warner, Dish TV, and Time Warner dominate the cable TV and Satellite TV industry, opportunities arise for smaller, more competitive companies that can offer more personalized service, lower rates, and frequent discounts. Because of lower overhead and advertising costs, smaller cable companies are becoming more popular. Low Income Cable is one of these providers bringing affordable and cost-effective television services to smaller communities.

With one quick call, you’ll be able to enter your zip code and phone number to verify coverage in your area. Immediately after cable service by zip code is verified, you will be transferred to a live representative who can ask a few qualifying questions to get your account up and running.

Call Now: 888-789-6324
Call Now: 888-789-6324

What's the Cheapest TV Provider?

Searching for the best deals  on cheap TV providers? We’ve narrowed our list down to a few of the nations’ top providers. We’ve factored in a number of criteria such as cost, ongoing deals and specials, and flexibility of pricing.

  • Dish Network – Our #1 recommended provider. Best deals for new customers  & Guaranteed price for 2 years
  • ATT/DirectTV –  Great initial pricing, but after first year discounts expire, the prices have been said to increase
  • Verizon Fios – Prices are slightly higher than other companies for similar channel packages, but customer service is rated very high.
  • Comcast – The contract-free option is a huge selling point. Some customers report surprise price increases.
  • Cox Communications – Customer reviews are typically higher for customer service, but lower in terms of pricing and channel selections.
  • Mediacom – Expanding their focus on smaller rural areas. Smaller channel selection and not very many specials have been reported.
  • Frontier Communications – Great pricing, but lots of negative customer service reviews.
  •  Wow! – Great initial pricing, but very limited coverage areas make it harder for customers to get service.
  • Windstream – Lots of low customer service reviews. Complaints of surprise charges and fees.
  • Cable One – Review sites have reported poor customer service and poor channel selection.
  • CenturyLink – Good specials along with fair pricing gives Centurylink a satisfactory score, but coverage areas are small.

What is the Cheapest Streaming TV Service


Unlimited access to the Hulu streaming library. Flexibility to switch or cancel plan at any time.

$5.99 per month


Watch content from any connected device. Cancel at any time. No commitment.

$5.99 per month7


Turn your ordinary TV into a smart TV. Ease of use & lots of
free channels.

$29.99 per month

DirecTV Now

Stream news, sports, live events and thousands of movies, documentaries and shows.

$40 per month


Family and Christian movies. Watch from TV or many mobile device. Cancel anytime.

$10.99 per month


Watch the latest shows and movies with no subscriptions and
no contract. 

Rent or own prices vary

Call Now: 888-789-6324
Call Now: 888-789-6324