Getting affordable cable TV is not always as easy as it seems. As new cable TV and satellite companies appear on the scene, and the larger, existing cable giants fight for new customers, you may find that deals and promotions come and go all the time. You may get alerted of a deal or be told about a discount by a friend, but by the time you’re ready to take action, the sale is gone. We know  this is an ongoing problem so we’ve outlined a list of common discounts you should be aware of when signing up for new TV service. Keep in mind that availability may vary by provider, but keep this list handy. We give you all the ammunition you need to find the best cable deals.

1. Senior Citizen Discount

While this is clearly not a deal that’s available for everyone, the senior citizen discount can help shave a few dollars off your monthly cable bill. Requirements vary by company, but typically to be eligible for this discount you’ll have to be 55 or older. Some cable or satellite providers will request that you provide proof of identification, proof of age, and proof of income before activating your service. In addition to tips to getting affordable cable TV service, here’s a list of other companies that provide discounts to senior citizens. 

2. Student Discount

Affordable cable discounts for students gets a little tricky. Many companies won’t offer a student discount, but there are some that will. When preparing to ask for a student discount there are a few things to keep in mind. For starters, if you live in a dorm or shared living space, there may already be a business discount in-place where your campus may have access to reduced priced affordable cable services. check with your housing provider to see if you’re eligible to take part in this discount. Another option many students use to save money id to piggyback on your parents’ cable TV plan. Most cable providers offer mobile services where you can log in and watch your favorite movies or shows from any wireless device. This is a great second option, but obviously, your channel selection is a little smaller. The last option is to contact your TV provider and ask them for an affordable cable plan for students. If they offer student discounts, this can be a great way to save money.

Call Now: 888-789-6324
Call Now: 888-789-6324

3. Military Discount

If you’re in the military, affordable cable is something to explore. Many cable providers acknowledge the service of our men and women in uniform and they are looking for ways to give back and support our soldiers and their families. Some military discounts can be provided by phone, but many cable or satellite providers may ask you to either apply in person or email or fax proof of military service.

Military cable discount

4. Employee Benefits Program

There are only a small few select companies that offer cable or satellite TV plans as an employee benefit, but if your company does offer it, this is a great way to save money and get your hands on an affordable cable TV plan.

5. Membership Programs

Membership associations are another great way to find a great price for your cable TV or satellite plan. Companies like AARP, employee unions, AAA, and alumni associations sometimes offer partnerships with TV providers.

6. Low-Income Assistance Plans

Low-Income Assistance plans are a little tricky and aren’t offered by many providers. A select few companies have taken part in programs like internet essentials which offers discounts on home internet service. Some providers will offer very limited assistance for low income such as reduced pricing, easy approval, and even low-down payments. Consult with your service provider to see if they offer a low-income affordable cable TV plan.

7. Senior Living And Retirement Homes

Many senior living and retirement homes take part in business plans specifically designed for multi-unit dwellings such as apartments or retirement homes. Through these programs, the retirement home is able to offer residents affordable cable discounts and reduced-priced plans on cable or satellite TV.  To get this discount, you would check with the management staff at your place of residence. We did find that sites Like Low Income Cable promote cable deals for senior citizens. Deals like this can also save you money and the come with a few add-on’s and freebies for senior citizen customers.

8. Skinny Package Discounts

Skinny packages are a new way that cable companies are labeling “basic cable”. As a matter of fact, many cable companies are not making this option very visible to the customer when searching online. Some companies don’t list it all, while other companies bury it among other costlier options. One of the most popular ways to disguise a skinny package is to only make it view-able by removing options from a higher priced package, leaving the basic option isolated. If you’re savvy enough to uncover the slimmed-down versions, you’re one step closer to finding an affordable cable plan.

9. Bundled Services

This is probably the most popular way to get a discount on your TV service. By bundling cable, internet, and phone, you can typically save up to 30%. Since many cable and satellite providers are beginning to branch out and offer an even wider range of services, you may be able to bundle in additional things like home security, doorbell cameras, and motion sensors.

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Call Now: 888-789-6324

10. Auto Pay Discount

While auto-pay doesn’t provide one of the largest discounts, it is a quick and easy way to knock $5 to $10 off your bill each month. The savvy saver knows that these few dollars per month equal big rewards after 12 months. 

11. Paperless Bill Discount

This is another option that won’t garner tons of savings, but every little bit helps. Did you know that most larger companies are making huge efforts to reduce the amount of paper used for billing as well as reduce the man-hours that it takes to help compile paper bills? By agreeing to stop paper statements, you can reduce your monthly bill by another $5 to $10.

12. Black Friday Discount

Obviously, this discount only surfaces once per year, but this is a great way to get your foot in the door for a lower price. Many cable companies will offer promotions around Black Friday in hopes of attracting a few new customers. If you’re searching for an affordable cable plan around this huge shopping day, you might as well shoot for the discount.

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