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Excellent Customer Experience.  We’ve studied our competition and we have talked to our customers. We know what you want and we’re on a mission to provide it. Cable and satellite customers are tired of rude service, hidden prices, and poor service. We provide an excellent experience from your first-touch to your last.

No Hidden Fees Our prices a guaranteed to stay the same for the duration of your 24-month agreement.

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Our Best Value Bundles

190 Channels

Basic Package

  • 190+ channels
  • 2-Year TV Price Guarantee
  • ESPN and Local Channels Included
  • Over 8,000 free On-Demand Channels
$5999per month
Call (888)789-6324
200+ Channels

Premier Package

  • 200+ channels
  • 2-Year TV Price Guarantee
  • ESPN + Local Channels
  • 8000+ On-Demand Channels
  • Free HD for Life
  • 70+ Satellite Music Channels
  • Free Next Day Installation
$6999per month
Call (888)789-6324
290+ Channels

Platinum Package

  • 290+ channels
  • 2-Year TV Price Guarantee
  • ESPN + Local Channels
  • 8000+ On-Demand Channels
  • Free HD for Life
  • 70+ Satellite Music Channels
  • Free Next Day Installation
  • Premium Channels 3 Months FREE
  • Free Bonus Channels
  • 6 Month Equipment Protection Plan
  • Watch TV Anywhere
$8999per month
Call (888)789-6324
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See Why Thousands Choose OpenCable

Customers are tired of cable companies that say one thing but do another. We keep our word. Excellent service, fast installation, and guaranteed pricing for your entire 2-year agreement.


Easy Approval & Fast Installation

We value your time. We make price quotes fast and simple. Within minutes, we can lock in your guaranteed price.

We Listen To Our Customers

We've listened to the complaints of our competitors & used this information to create an experience that you will share with friends and family!
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    HGTV Home Improvement
  • fox news
    Fox News
  • nickelodeon
  • discovery channel
    Discovery Channel
  • espn
    ESPN Sports
  • food network
    Food Network
  • Fashion News Reports
  • Discovery Channel Available
  • Family Weekend Programs
  • The Largest Movie Selection!
  • Family TV Bundle Coming Soon
  • Sports Games Season Soon
  • Meeting Animals Coming Soon
  • Business & Marketing News
  • Informational Podcasts Soon
  • Children's World Available
  • Game Night Coming Soon
  • The best sightseeing tours & activities
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